With the Brussels area on high alert, it’s no surprise that the police would stop a man wearing a long winter coat on a hot day. Reports of wires sticking out of the coat are alarming too! 

UPDATE: The possible terrorist turned out to be a student with wires hanging from a long coat who was measuring radiation in the area. 

Police in Brussels, Belgium are working to apprehend a man who walked through the city in a winter long coat with “protruding wires.” For some context, the weather in Brussels right now is just over 90 degrees fahrenheit, so there’s no reason for a reasonable person to be wearing a long coat.

The police have indicated that the situation is under control, but that they have not yet been able to arrest him. Because of the nature of the threat, police are bringing in a bomb disposal robot.
Streets and shops in the area have been evacuated.

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Via: bbc

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