On Wednesday, a 65-year-old man shot and killed an attempted mugger in New York City. The family of the mugger has stated that they “don’t fault the shooter” for defending himself.

In the early hours of May 31, Cody Gonzalez, 32, confronted Charles Foehner, 65, on the streets of Queens.

Gonzalez, clad in jeans and a dark hoodie, stopped Foehner who slowly pulled out a silver revolver. However, the weapon did not dissuade Gonzalez who continued to approach the older man while appearing to clutch something in his right hand.

Gonzalez charged at Foehner, who then fired at his attacker and shot him multiple times in the chest.

This incident was partially captured on surveillance footage.


Investigators also revealed that Gonzalez was unarmed at the time he was shot dead, though he did still pose a threat to Foehner.


Although Foehner was acting in self-defense, he has found himself facing charges for using a gun he was not licensed to use, although he does have a permit for a shotgun.

A search of Foehner’s residence also uncovered over two dozen firearms, including pistols, shotguns, rifles, three assault rifles, an AK47, 153 loaded high-capacity magazines, and two body armor vests. The 65-year-old only has a license for five rifles.

Foehner, a retired doorman, is due in court Friday on 25 counts of criminal possession of a weapon. However, he has not been charged in relation to the actual shooting.

Charles Foehner, 65

Speaking to prosecutors, Foehner said, “I pulled the gun out of my pocket. It didn’t go off accidentally. I pulled the trigger. I emptied the revolver. Last night I was carrying a firearm because of the crime in the city… I’ve had it since the 1990s. I obtained it in a bar one night. The firearms are mine and mine alone.”

The relatives of the would-be mugger have since spoken out about Gonzalez, saying they “don’t fault the shooter” for defending himself.

Speaking to The Daily News, a relative of Gonzalez said, “We don’t fault the shooter. We all feel that Cody should have been in a psych facility. If anything, the state failed him.”

Cody Gonzalez, 32

Gonzalez’s cousin, Anthony Aguilar, added, “He wasn’t a bad kid. He really wasn’t It’s ’cause he stopped taking his damn pills. He was fine when he was taking his medication.”

“He started hanging out with the wrong people and then he just stopped coming home,” Aguilar said. “[His mother] got tired of it because every time she would see him it was always with the police. So she was like, I can’t no more.”

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