Nothing says tolerance like putting a loaded gun to a strangers head because you disagree with the flag they’re holding…

A family was threatened at gunpoint for waving the Confederate flag on their own private property in another illustration of how controversy surrounding the flag is only driving more animosity.

The incident occurred on Monday night in Moseley, Virginia while the family was expressing their First Amendment right by waving the flag in their own driveway next to a busy highway. A man driving an SUV pulled into the driveway, took out his gun, chambered a round, pointed it at the family and started yelling.

“He slammed on the brakes and when he got right beside me, he pulled out a gun, chambered a round and told me my cause wasn’t worth anything now,” Mark Wilson told CBS 6. “He got out of the car and took three steps towards me and the gun was maybe six inches off my head.”

Wilson said he was concerned that the gunman would shoot his children. 46-year-old James Baker was later arrested by police for brandishing a weapon. Baker dubiously claimed that the family had threatened his life.

“This is a busy highway and he is in a vehicle going 70 miles per hour, how are we threatening him by walking across?” said Wilson, who called for Baker to be sent to jail.

“The police went and investigated it and they let him go, he admitted everything and they just let him go,” added Wilson.

Baker is in court on September 3 facing a class one misdemeanor charge.

Wilson asserted that his decision to fly the flag is founded on a desire to express pride in his southern heritage and has nothing to do with racism.

“I’m not gonna be scared away from people that are acting ignorant and trying to act violent when it’s not a violent thing. This shouldn’t be a race thing, it should be a heritage thing,” Wilson told NBC 12.

The nature of the confrontation clearly illustrates how the gunman had a political gripe with the family displaying the Confederate flag, which has become a target for irate leftists in the aftermath of the Charleston shooting.

On Monday we reported on the new viral Twitter craze called #NoFlaggingChallenge which Black Lives Matter supporters are using to encourage Americans to violate people’s private property rights and steal Confederate flags being displayed on privately owned homes and vehicles.

Given that the flags are predominantly displayed in southern states where private ownership of firearms is common, many on social media are warning that the stunt could end up with people being shot dead.

Via: Infowars

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