Fani Willis is currently undergoing a misconduct trial after it was revealed of her inappropriate relationship with special prosecutor Nathan Wade.

The lovers originally stated that their relationship did not begin until after 2022.

However, new evidence points to the relationship starting back in 2019.

Many have expressed growing concerns about the conflict of interest with her special prosecutor trying President Trump while also being her lover.

With the trial currently ongoing, clips have emerged that show Nathan Wade storming out of the courtroom.

Watch here:

The New York Post shares more about the shocking details revealed during this trial:

Lead Donald Trump prosecutor Nathan Wade testified Thursday that District Attorney Fani Willis repaid him with cash for the vacations they took together in 2022 and 2023.

The testimony came out as defense lawyer Ashleigh Merchant grilled Wade about when the pair’s tryst began and details about the affair.

Wade maintained that he and the DA didn’t start dating until 2022 — contradicting testimony from a prior witness, an ex-friend of Willis, that the affair began in 2019.

“When did your romantic relationship with Ms. Willis begin?” Merchant asked.

“Early 2022,” Wade said. “Around March.”

Wade also insisted, “I never purchased a gift for Ms. Willis.”

He added that she repaid him in cash for her share of the vacations they went on together.

“She reimbursed you?” Merchant asked.

“She did, it was cash,” Wade said. “She didn’t give me any checks.”

Merchant, a lawyer for Trump co-defendant Mike Roman, has claimed that Willis improperly financially benefited from Wade’s appointment as special prosecutor, after he treated her to vacations.

Wade said the pair first met at a legal conference in October 2019. They exchanged a few phone calls that year and their calls increased in 2020 and 2021.

“She would call me asking for advice,” Wade said.

The revelation that Fani Willis completely reimbursed Nathan Wade in cash for his vacations is insane.

The judge should issue a guilty verdict immediately!

Watch Nathan Wade get grilled on this here:

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Another shocking revelation came out during the hearing.

Fani Willis’ friend claims that she has “no doubt” about their relationship beginning back in 2019.

Watch the clip here:

The Hill shares more on this revelation:

A longtime friend of Fulton County (Ga.) District Attorney Fani Willis (D) testified Thursday that Willis began a “romantic” relationship with special prosecutor Nathan Wade in 2019 — three years prior to when Willis and Wade said they started seeing each other.

Robin Yeartie, a college friend of Willis’s, said the prosecutors’ relationship began shortly after a municipal court conference in October 2019 and remained constant until she stopped speaking with Willis in 2022.

“You have no doubt that their romantic relationship was in effect from 2019 until the last time you spoke with her?” defense lawyer Ashleigh Merchant asked.

“No doubt,” Yeartie replied.

Yeartie testified that she last spoke with Willis in March 2022, after leaving the Fulton County district attorney’s office due to a “situation” in which she was told she could resign or be fired. The incident ended her friendship with Willis, she said.

The testimony is in direct conflict with what Willis and Wade represented in court filings. Wade said in a sworn affidavit that their relationship began in 2022.

A mountain of evidence points to the fact that Nathan Wade lied under oath about the start of their relationship.

It is only a matter of time before Fani Willis is removed from this case.

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