The lineup at an Illinois State Fair just changed to exclude a favorite band because of their name. The band has played at the fair before without any problem but this year their name is suddenly “innapropriate”.

The country rock group named Confederate Railroad was supposed to perform on August 27th at the du Quoin State Fair in Du Quoin, IL., but have been removed from the lineup by the Illinois Department of Agriculture.

Country artists Charlie Daniels and Joe Bonsall, a member of the Oak Ridge Boys, tweeted out their displeasure with the decision to drop the band:

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Lead singer of the band, Danny Shirley, released a statement on behalf of the band to thank their fans.

Fans have been on social media voicing their concerns:

“Confederate Railroad plays some very good music! I’m so disgusted with all this politically correct nonsense. I don’t care what one does, someone wont like it and possibly be offended by it. That’s life. Whoever’s offended needs to put on their big kid pants and move on.”

Ironically, this might be the best thing to happen to the band. They’re receiving loads of support and recognition from the controversy.

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