Leave it to Maria Bartiromo to set the record straight on the fake Russia collusion scam by the Democrats.

Democrat Congressman Jim Himes tried to twist the truth about who invited whom to a meeting at Trump Tower.

Maria Bartiromo let this guy have it with a huge dose of truth!

It’s what we wish all journalists would do!

Watch the incredible back and forth below:

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Bartiromo comes at Himes right away asking about the claim that there is “circumstantial evidence” of Russia collusion. Himes tapdances around the claim.

“Let’s be honest…I only bring this up because we have this constant talk of collusion in the zeitgeist and we still have yet to see any real evidence. So at some point, the American people need some honesty… No, you say you have circumstantial evidence that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians. I have not heard it yet. I’d like to hear the facts. Are you just saying that to put it out there in the zeitgeist so everybody is thinking maybe, maybe not? But the truth is there’s nothing. And there hasn’t been anything in a year and a half, Congressman.”

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Himes is caught in a lie when he says that Donald Trump Jr. contacted the Russians. He turns around and says Bartiromo is lying!

At the end of the interview, Himes laughs.

She lets him have it!

Wouldn’t it be great if other Fox hosts were this sharp and pushed back like this?

As it is, we have 24/7 lying from CNN and MSNBC to convince the American people of the lies about Trump and Russia.

This is frightening.


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