President Trump is heading to South Dakota’s Black Hills, where he will celebrate with Independence Day with millions of Americans who tune in to watch a spectacular fireworks display behind Mt. Rushmore.

Trump is also headlining a July 4th “Salute to America” in D.C., featuring military flyovers and demonstrations.

President made the announcement that the Independence Day celebration would take place on July 4th with a tweet over one year ago, on May 7, 2019:

I am pleased to inform you that THE BIG FIREWORKS, after many years of not having any, are coming back to beautiful Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. Great work @GovKristiNoem and @SecBernhardt! #MAGA

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Now, the Democrat Party, the radical left, and their allies the media are accusing President Trump of celebrating “racist white men” by hosting the Independence Day fireworks at Mt. Rushmore.

Far-left activist Simon Moya-Smith, a member of the Ogala Lakota tribe, criticized President Trump’s decision to celebrate America with fireworks at Mt. Rushmore. ” “The Black Hills is ours,” he said, adding, “That is our Jerusalem!”

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Moya-Smith says that unfortunately for people in America, Mt. Rushmore is a tourist trap, but he hopes that people begin to understand that these presidents were “racist white men.” The far-left activist demands the land where America will celebrate its Independence doesn’t belong to them. “It’s still our land. He’s the latest white man to come into our territory,” he says with a straight face.

The Democrats, who masterfully separate Americans by race, gender, and country of origin, initiated the fight on their official Twitter account, @The Democrats, that belongs to the Democratic National Committee. In their tweet, Democrats accused President Trump of “glorifying white supremacy” and a pattern of disrespecting Native communities.

The dishonest mainstream media has joined in the fight against President Trump’s celebration of America at Mt. Rushmore.  From warning Americans may not be wearing face masks or social distancing at the outdoor event, to concerns about igniting the stone on fire, Here are just a few examples of the unhinged media’s attempts to put a damper on President Trump’s tribute to the greatest nation on earth.

From Microsoft’s MSN- “Trump to Celebrate White Supremacy With 4th of July at Mount Rushmore”

From POLITICO (the same publication that “fact-checks” conservatives for Facebook), comes an article about President Trump’s “poor track record with Native Americans.”

TMZ shared an image of the set up for the July 4th event, saying: “Trump’s Mt. Rushmore 4th of July Event Will Have No Social Distancing.” Their article begins, “This is what a coronavirus spread looks like in its preliminary stages…”

Does anyone else find it odd that TMZ didn’t have the same concern over the massive BLM/Antifa protests that have been going on across America in every major city for over one month? Is it the “pro-America” message that’s getting under the skin of these leftist publications that aren’t even trying to hide their disdain for our country anymore?

Singapore Times: “Trump to host Mount Rushmore fireworks show with masks optional”

Someone should tell the foreign paper trashing our President that the virus, that came from China is not likely to be spread from person to person in an outdoor environment.




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