Tuesday evening, construction crews arrived under orders from far-left DC Mayor Muriel Bowser in order to pave over the portion of the mural painted at the recently inaugurated Black Lives Matter Plaza that said “defund the police.” Bowser unveiled a massive street painting along the newly-named BLM Plaza in front of the White House on June 5 that said “Black Lives Matter.”

One day later, activists painted over the D.C. flag portion of Bowser’s statement and added their own message: “= Defund The Police.”

While the Department of Public Works re-painted the equal sign to its original D.C. flag, the “Defund The Police” statement was allowed to remain – until Tuesday, when a construction crew was seen re-paving the area.


Ironically, the same workers who performed the work were ordered by the mayor to refresh the paint on both the original and added slogans. It seems the mayor didn’t have a problem with it the first time around. Many signs and artworks had also been removed as workers paved over the saying. Bowser’s original “Black Lives Matter” mural did not appear to be being paved over.

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Mayor Bowser gave an interview with NPR in which she stated in very broad terms that public safety has to do with a lot of other things than just policing, but that she didn’t plan to alter the DC police budget.

Many online have speculated that the Democrat mayor’s move to pave over the “defund the police” mural is connected to how politically inconvenient the message is for Joe Biden, who just picked Kamala Harris, the former top cop of California as his running mate, according to the Post Millenial.

It is not immediately clear what prompted the removal of the “Defund The Police” phrase.

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