In what increasingly appears to be standard leftist media thoroughfare, a self-described Progressive Democrat who is also a member of the WHO Advisory Board received criticism from the mainstream media regarding questioning the all-natural origins story of the Covid-19 virus. The member in question, Jamie Metzl, was recently on both Fox News and Newsmax to address accusations that he and other skeptics to the all-natural narrative are “conspiracy theorists” and “right wing nuts”.

During his interview with Fox & Friends, Metzl reiterated this blatant media bias, saying that “The small number of people who were raising this issue early last year were labeled conspiracy theorists—I know because I was one of them,” regarding the possibility that the Covid-19 virus originated from a lab experiment that was accidentally leaked out. In response to the “right-wing nut” accusations in a letter published by The Lancet, Metzl stated that he is in fact a progressive Democrat who simply wishes for the truth to prevail. He compared the outbreak of Covid-19 to an airplane crash in that all possibilities must be considered during the investigative process. He went on to lament the partisanship regarding the origins of Covid-19 and wanted to see greater bipartisanship given the seemingly bipartisan nature of the issue.


Metzl called the letter an “outrage”, especially given that several of the twenty-seven scientists who originally signed the letter have since iterated the possibility of the lab thesis is sufficiently plausible to justify consideration. Metzl went as far as to say that “It was not data-driven science—it was scientific propaganda and thuggery.”. Whether the media discontinues utilizing this letter to bully commentators into submission remains to be seen.

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