Rob Cortis is the creator and owner of the Trump Unity Bridge. He’s been to all 48 contiguous states, delivering a positive message of love, peace, and unity. Cortis is quick to tell you that Trump is for all of these things, despite what the media would like you to believe.

Cortis and his float aren’t always welcomed with open arms. Even in his home state of Michigan, Cortis has been met with angry liberals, triggered by his float and his message of Trump and unity.


Last week, Cortis and a few friends stopped in Tulsa, OK as part of the national “Back The Blue and Trump America First” tour. Cortis was checking in at the Embassy Suites hotel in Tulsa, while his friends waited outside with the unity bridge. It wasn’t long before they were bombarded with Trump fans admiring the float in the parking lot. Cortis was inside the hotel when his friend, Jason came running in to tell him that while they were passing out bumper stickers to Trump fans, someone jumped into the truck and drove his float away!

“One of our girls came running into the hotel, screaming: ‘They stole the unity bridge! They stole the Trump Unity Bridge!'” Cortis said. “So, I ran outside, and it was gone!”

Cortis immediately jumped into action, calling 9-11 to ask local police for help. Within minutes, police were in pursuit of Cortis’ truck and float.

Cortis said the person who drove the float was driving erratically through the parking lot of the hotel, running over trees, road signs, and mailboxes.

Cortis’s friend Jason Bright chased after the float, but the suspect got away.

An employee of the Embassy Suites noticed the distressed Cortis and offered to drive him to help locate his stolen vehicle and stolen float. Cortis eventually caught up to his truck and unity bridge, but by the time he got there it was smashed and his float was destroyed.

Police caught and arrested the suspect, Drew Whipple when the stolen truck jack-knifed over a median on the highway. The suspect jumped out of the vehicle and started to run. Cortis told us that a citizen who watched the man exit the stolen vehicle pulled his gun and shot into the air, shouting at the suspect to stop, but Whipple kept running. Police caught up to Whipple and arrested him, but the damage to Cortis’ truck and the float was immense. “The truck is smashed, the speakers are damaged, LED lighting, cables, and connectors are all messed up,” he told 100 Percent Fed Up.

Cortis estimates the damage to the truck and float is between $10,000-$15,000.


The far-left “Detroit Solidarity Movement” has set up a GoFundMe account—to raise money to help bail Drew Whipple out of jail.

We found a message from “Addy Lye” on Whipple’s Facebook page, with a link to the fundraiser:

The fundraiser reads:

So this guy did what we all dreamed of doing. The unity bridge raised 70,000 in one day for repairs. From Detroit to Tulsa lets show solidarity for this guy help him pay his bail fund/legal funds and them some which are 15,000.  Drew chose the funds to go to Loretta Murphy his grandmother to manage since he can not access them from jail. 


I have no relation to Drew. I posted the story to my activist page and my followers asked me to set it up. I was writing Drew a letter in prison to notify him. Luckily his cousin Katie found this fund raiser gave him our contact info. He emailed me and spoke to me from jail. He confirmed that Katie is his cousin and that he wanted his grandmother to manage the funds. 

On June 9, Go Fund Me canceled black, conservative author and speaker Candace Owens’ fundraiser for a black cafe owner in Alabama whose business was being boycotted because he called convicted criminal George Floyd a “thug.”

Washington Sentinel – The online fundraising site used Owens’ comments about George Floyd as an excuse to cancel her account, but you can bet they were looking for any reason to delete the account of a prominent conservative black woman.

Owens was attempting to raise funds for an Alabama cafe whose co-owner criticized the George Floyd protests.

“Owens raised more than $200,000 for Birmingham’s Parkside Cafe,”

Fundraising to help actual criminals with extensive criminal records out of jail is perfectly okay, Go Fund Me?

Democratic vice presidential candidate, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), and 13 Biden staffers contributed to a bailout fund for people arrested in BLM riots. Three of the people they allegedly helped to bail out had previous violent criminal convictions.

Is this a new trend? Democrats funding the release of criminals, simply because they hold similar political views?


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