Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is stumping for Socialist Bernie Sanders in Des Moines, Iowa. She’s the perfect person to speak for Sanders because she’s big on the freebies. She was joined on the stage by a total nut job who spoke about global warming (video below). The big question after watching the two videos below should be how in the world people could buy into this stuff.

Ocasio-Cortez spills the beans that the Green New Deal isn’t about global warming at all. It’s really about access to freebies for everyone i.e. socialism. Social justice is the buzzword used by these far-left politicians to justify giving away freebies using YOUR tax dollars.

Fixing global warming means providing universal access to clothes, education, and a living wage…also, “combating white supremacy in America”

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How far left can u go? The answer is you can’t be farther left than these nut jobs. Ocasio-Cortez mentions Naomi Klein during her speech.

Naomi Klein at Bernie rally on global warming: “We are now seeing fa.scists and neo-fascists … cast the global ecological crisis as some kind of divine corrective, a way of cleansing the world of lesser humans”

The left is projecting onto conservatives what they are saying and not what conservatives are saying!

So Klein is trying to push the premise that supposed “fascists and neo-fascists” are the ones purposely fueling global warming to cleanse the world of lesser humans and to perpetuate white supremacy. This is so twisted!


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