Last year, pop-icon Taylor Swift, promised she’d make her far-left political viewpoints well-known after she disappointed so many of her unhinged Hollywood friends by refusing to come out in support of Hillary Clinton in 2016. This year, she’s following through on her promise.

Swift’s new music video, “The Man,” is a message to her young female fans that men are selfish, undeserving of success, and generally bad people. It’s a single on her latest “Lover” album.

The video is directed by Swift. The male actor, or male pig, is played by Swift.

In her video, Swift can be seen [gasp] managing an office filled with both men and women. In another scene, he’s sitting on a crowded subway spreading his legs, while forcing everyone else to squeeze together. For added emphasis, “The Man” is smoking a cigar and dropping his ashes on the lap of the woman next to him while tossing unwanted sections of his newspaper on the lap of the woman seated on the other side. We’re pretty sure smoking isn’t allowed on subways—but never mind, this isn’t about reality, it’s about a political message—White Man BAD!

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The rest of the video depicts a selfish, wealthy, white male who sleeps around, takes advantage of women, and throws temper tantrums when he loses at sports.

If you’re a dad who’s worked hard his entire life to own a successful business, or you’ve stayed with a company and worked your way up the ladder to become a manager or supervisor, Taylor Swift would like your daughter to believe you didn’t deserve it. To the 30-year-old female entertainer with a net worth of  $400 million, your accomplishments are undeserved, and the males portrayed in literally every one of her songs she’s ever written about a male, you’re worthless.

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Instead of hitting the campaign trail for Democrats, Taylor Swift’s time might be better spent in intensive therapy.


Last month, we reported about the far-left Netflix, who’s promoting its new Taylor Swift documentary, “Miss Americana.” The release of the highly anticipated film features Swift explaining how she decided to come out against President Trump. The documentary is perfectly timed to coincide with Trump’s reelection campaign.

Swift made the decision to come out of the political closet in 2018 when she attacked conservative Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn in her home state of Tennessee. Swift didn’t have quite as much sway in the election as she had hoped. Republican Marsha Blackburn won her US Senate seat handily.

After years of palling around with brain-dead Hollywood celebrities and starving models, Swift is now convinced that with her “moral compass” firmly in place, she’s ready to give it another try—this time, her target will be President Trump.

With statements like “I need to be on the right side of history—and “It feels f*cking” awesome!” and “I feel really good about not being muzzled anymore,” Netflix’s new “Miss Americana” trailer gives the impression that Taylor Swift has been living in communist China for the last 9 or so years, and is just now able to make her oh, so important political views known.

Do you think Taylor Swift’s far-left videos will make a difference in the 2020 elections?

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