After the tragic shooting in Boulder, Colorado, the globalist media and politicians immediately seized on images of the alleged shooter to blame white people for the crime.  It turns out that the initial blurry images didn’t tell the whole story, since the suspect was not actually white.  Instead, it was later reported that he is a devout Muslim born in Syria who came to America as a child.

However, President* Biden simply pivoted and seized on the crime to push similar globalist agendas.

Joe Biden, like all globalists, seeks to use the alleged anti-white Islamist Boulder shooting by alleged ISIS sympathizer, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, as another excuse to divide people based upon race and dramatically infringe on all Americans’ 2nd Amendment rights.

Now, the father of officer Eric Talley–who was killed in the mass shooting, says this is antithetical to Eric’s beliefs.

According to a report by TMZ, Officer Eric Talley was a staunch 2nd Amendment advocate who owned an AR-15.  The father, Homer Talley, says his son was an AR-15 owner who would be extremely offended by the weaponization of his death against the 2nd Amendment.

“Boulder PD Officer Eric Talley‘s father says his son was a staunch 2nd Amendment guy, and even owned a weapon similar to the one used to kill him — and he believes Eric would hate to see his death used to promote gun control.

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