A New Jersey father is suing a school district for allegedly keeping his daughter’s gender transition a secret from him.

According to The Daily Signal, the father discovered that New Jersey’s Delaware Valley Regional High School started calling his daughter by a male name and pronouns for at least two months.

The father said he was devastated.

“If a kid gets a headache in school, they have to call the parents to give them Tylenol, but they’re going to choose to allow them to identify as something?” he said, according to The Daily Signal.

“I wanted to friggin’ drive the car into a tree,” he added.


The father remains anonymous to protect his daughter’s identity.

The Daily Signal reports:

The father says he only learned of his daughter’s social transition when a neighbor and fellow parent accidentally told him. The neighbor referred to the girl by her male name, and the father asked, “What the hell are you talking about?”

The father removed his daughter from DVRHS and began homeschooling her. He said that LGBT activists in the school system showed her a “fantasyland” version of transgenderism, and once he showed his daughter photos and videos of the reality of gender-transition surgeries, she began crying.

Last month, the father met with DVRHS staff to inform them of his daughter’s mental health history, but was told that the school district would continue to use a male name and male pronouns for his daughter unless she requested that they stop. The girl’s therapist and doctor both approved of removing her from DVRHS.

In comments to The Washington Stand, Meg Kilgannon, Family Research Council’s senior fellow for education studies, said, “These cases are becoming more and more common. And while some of the details are the same, the overall situation is still shocking.”

The Epoch Times provided details on the impending lawsuit:

John has sued the DVRHS Board of Education, superintendent Scott McKinney, school counselor Ashley Miranda, state attorney general Matthew Platkin, state acting commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) Angelica Allen-McMillan, and several unnamed school employees and other board members.

The United States District Court for the District of New Jersey will adjudicate the case.

It calls for compensatory, punitive, and consequential damages, as well as a permanent order against the named defendants for allegedly attempting to gender-transition the girl, referred to as Jane.

The Epoch Times reached out to all named individuals in the lawsuit.

The state attorney general’s office declined to comment. Board member Thomas Loughlin also declined comment. Ms. Miranda, Ms. Allen-McMillan, and Mr. McKinney didn’t respond.

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