I’m sure we’re all sick of hearing about Dr. Anthony Fauci (aka Dr. Evil) – which many from the Right and Left are on the same page about. The crowd at T-Mobile Park in Seattle also seemed to agree, welcoming Fauci to the field with boos before he threw the first pitch at the Mariners vs. New York Yankees game on Tuesday.

Before the game began, protesters gathered outside the stadium waving Trump flags and handing out flyers that encouraged the fans to “boo” Fauci.

The gathering of Trump supporters and anti-Fauci protesters was very peaceful. However, one protester’s sign was torn down by a passerby.

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It appears that the crowd didn’t need too much encouragement, because when Fauci was being introduced to the stadium, he was met with a mix of cheers and booing.

Not only was Fauci throwing the first pitch, but he was also being honored as the 2022 Hutch Award recipient from The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. The award was created back in 1965 in honor of former MLB pitcher Fred Hutchinson who died of lung cancer. This award is given out each year to an active MLB player who “best exemplifies the fighting spirit and competitive desire” of Hutchinson.

The only non-player to receive this award before Fauci was former President Jimmy Carter.

Despite the league trying to honor Fauci for shutting down the country, the fans didn’t hold back, loudly booing Dr. Evil from all corners of the stadium.

Fauci did, however, redeem himself from the last time he threw the first pitch at an MLB game. In 2020 he threw the inaugural first pitch of the season that embarrassingly missed the mark, not even making it close to home plate.

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