America’s Grand Jury, a group in association with the Unity Project, plans to hold a mock trial for Fauci beginning April 11th

Although possessing no actual legal power, America’s Grand Jury is a symbolic organization that intends to hold a mock trial for Dr. Fauci. The trial is set to begin in Nashville, Tennessee, on April 11th and has juror seats available starting at $25, allowing people to vote online.

Here’s a couple examples of evidence the group will present.

Fauci on masks:

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Fauci on vaccines:

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VIP seats, allowing one to be on the in-person jury and meet a list of stars including Indiana’s former Attorney General Curtis Hill, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, and Trump admin assistant secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services Dr. Paul Alexander, will also be sold from $2,500 to $10,000.

Former Indiana AG Hill made the following statement about the trial

“Even though America’s Grand Jury is a mock investigation into Fauci and the government agencies overseeing our nation’s health services, the evidence gathered is factual information and will be presented for real world application of the law,”

Additionally, The People’s Convoy tweeted their intent to participate in the mock trial.

If proceeds go well, the group intends to conduct mock trials for Hunter Biden (although an actual trial may soon be imminent,) and for Hillary Clinton as well.

While America’s Grand Jury has no ability to enforce their verdict, they will be presenting real evidence, of real crimes committed by Fauci. The indictment will be a symbolic victory and will offer vindication for those who’ve protested against Dr. Fauci’s criminal reign.


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