Fauci and other top US officials have been served with discovery orders due to a lawsuit over the US Government’s suppression of free speech

Dr. Fauci, who serves as the White House Chief Medical Advisor, Surgeon General Vivek Murphy, and other top Biden officials have been served discovery orders by a federal court. A judge ordered that the Biden Administration must comply with discovery requests which stem from a lawsuit alleging that the US Government has been colluding with Big Tech to censor free speech.

They accuse government officials of working with Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms to suppress truthful information on various topics, including COVID-19.

For example, posts about mask and vaccine effectiveness, possible COVID-19 origins, and more have been removed from social media sites, often resulting in punitive actions being taken on the poster’s account.

From the Epoch Times:

Fauci was told in the request to identify every worker in his agency who has or is communicating with a social media platform regarding content modulation and/or misinformation, to identify all such communications he had, and to identify all meetings he had on the matter with social media platforms.

He was also asked to provide all communications with Zuckerberg from Jan. 1, 2020, to the present, and all communications with platforms related to the Great Barrington Declaration, the COVID-19 strategy authored by Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Martin Kulldorff, and Dr. Sunetra Gupta that Fauci and his former boss, Dr. Francis Collins, criticized publicly and in private.


Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, former “Disinformation Governance Board” head Nina Jankowicz, and director of the Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency Jen Easterly, as well as the CDC and DHS as a whole, have all been served with discovery requests.

The Plaintiffs, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and Louisiana AG Jeff Landry have also served subpoenas to Facebook’s parent company Meta, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Americans are fed up with the suppression of our fundamental rights and are finally seeking legal action against the corrupt, shady, and tyrannical Biden-Fauci regime.

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