In an interview on Tuesday with MSNBC reporter Alicia Menendez, Dr. Fauci was questioned about whether unvaccinated people should be allowed to travel this holiday season, and whether they should even be invited to holiday gatherings.

When asked who should be allowed to travel this holiday season, Fauci responded, “If you are vaccinated and boosted, and the people that you are visiting are vaccinated and boosted, you can get on a plane and travel”. No mention, however, of those who have had COVID already and therefore have antibodies against the virus.

Menendez then inquired about inviting unvaccinated family members, asking, “If someone in your family isn’t vaccinated, should you ask them not to show up?”

Fauci’s response was, unsurprisingly, a resounding “yes”:

“Yes, I would do that. I think we’re dealing with a serious enough situation that if there’s an unvaccinated person, I would say, ‘I’m very sorry, but not this time. Maybe another time when this is all over.'”

It’s unclear what Fauci means by “when this is all over”. If he means when COVID doesn’t exist anymore, then it’s likely many devote Fauci-followers may never again see their unvaxxed relatives.

MSNBC’s Menendez then asked if the “definition of ‘fully vaccinated’ [is] going to change to include boosters”, to which Fauci replied, “it very well might”. Now, even being vaccinated may not count as being vaccinated. So… if the vaccination won’t even count as a vaccination anymore, why is the Left still insisting everyone has to get it?

Fauci is suggesting that without a booster, the vaccine isn’t sufficient. Then, at the same time, insisting that unvaxxed relatives shouldn’t be invited to holiday gatherings, but vaccinated relatives (with or without the booster) can attend.

Soon, the Liberal media will be condemning those who aren’t triple vaxxed and suggesting we don’t invite them to holiday gatherings either.

Watch the full interview below:

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