The FBI altered their statement on 2016’s alleged DCCC hack based on Michael Sussmann’s input

More evidence that the FBI is corrupt to the core has emerged. During the aftermath of the alleged intrusion into the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) network in 2016, the FBI sought the help of Michael Sussmann to produce a statement.

FBI Headquarters by Samira Bouaou/The Epoch Times

After drafting an initial statement, the FBI sent it to Sussmann, who represented the Democrats, for review.

From the Epoch Times:

“Michael—our press office is once again getting a ton of calls on the DCCC matter. A draft response is provided below. Wanted to get your thoughts on this prior to sending out,” Jim Trainor, assistant director for the FBI Cyber Division, wrote to Sussmann on July 29, 2016.

Sussmann zeroed in on the first sentence, which he said seemed to undermine what the DCCC was saying about the reported intrusion.

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“The draft you sent says only that the FBI is aware of media reports; it does not say that the FBI is aware of the intrusion that the DCCC reported. Indeed, it refers only to a ‘possible’ cyber intrusion and in that way undermines what the DCCC said in its statement (or at least calls into question what the DCCC said),’” Sussmann said.

Sussmann proposed changing to more certain and assertive language, which Trainor agreed to despite it altering the narrative to fit that of the DCCC’s rather than sticking to the facts alone.

Michael Sussmann arriving at court Teng Chen/Epoch Times

Sussmann remained the point of contact for the FBI and the DNC for years. He was close to the FBI, and agents such as Trainor seemingly bend to his whim.

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He used his connections and access to spread false allegations about President Trump, while the FBI was busy trying to walk in line with the DNC’s narrative and cover Hillary’s illegal email server up.

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