The two brilliant lawyers who’ve been covering the Russia collusion scam by Democrats weighed in on the latest information that top prosecutors in the Mueller investigation discussed the fake anti-Trump dossier with the DOJ’s Bruce Ohr! Lou Dobbs says this revelation is designed to make Ohr look better but it is “damning to the top officials at the FBI”

The video below is a must-watch because it gets to the heart of the corruption and what the Deep State was up to when they tried to spy on candidate Trump and then President.

Victoria Toensing and Joe deGenova get right to the heart of how Justice Department official Bruce Ohr shared information from the dossier author in 2016 with prosecutors now working for special counsel Robert Mueller.

“FBI officials and DOJ senior officials wanted to get Donald Trump so they lied to a FISA court to spy on him.”

“This is, in fact, the greatest political scandal in the history of our country.” – Joe deGenova

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The two lawyers confirmed that Bill Barr will follow the law and wants to clean up the intel agencies. This is encouraging but word is that Barr and Mueller are chummy.

Lou Dobbs nails it when he said this scandal is “stomach-churning”

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We think the American people who’ve been paying attention, want these corrupt intel officials and others to be held accountable.


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