A Maryland man stole a U-Haul van and drove around D.C.and Maryland looking for a place to commit a terror attack by running over as many people as possible He said he was “determined to walk down the extremist path.”

Rondell Henry walked off of his job as a computer expert on March 26th and drove to Dulles International Airport in Virginia but there wasn’t enough of a crowd to run over.

After that failed, he drove to the National Harbor in Maryland but there weren’t enough people there to run-down either.

He broke into a boat and stayed overnight.

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U-Haul was alerted that the van was stolen and alerted the police who tracked down the man and arrested him on March 28th.

He told authorities that his mission was to kill as many “disbelievers” as possible and that he was just going to keep driving.

“He had no escape plan, intending to die while killing others for his cause.”

Heavy reports that according to the detention memo filed by the government, for two years, Henry has harbored “hatred” for those “who do not practice the Muslim faith,” says the release.

Even though he was inspired by ISIS propaganda online, the media spins this to assume the man is mentally ill and troubled.

It’s what is done by media and the authorities in the UK. The truth is the man is a Muslim extremist but CNN puts the emphasis on the man’s family being worried about his mental state. This doesn’t change the FACT that this man was trying to murder as many people as possible in the name of Islam.

Henry has not been charged with any terror-related charges even though he admitted to wanting to carry out the ISIS-style attack on the “disbelievers”. Disturbing that he may be put on a “watch list” and let go.


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