Hello Jeff Sessions! Where is the DOJ’s leader these days? Something tells us the Trump Dossier will end up being the bombshell that exposes Comey, Brennan and Clapper and all of the other criminals who used this dossier to spy on Trump. Obama used the dossier to spy on Trump!

Anyone who followed the Obama White House intel policy outcomes will know that DNI Clapper and CIA Director John Brennan were the two primary political operatives weaponizing intelligence.But it gets better…Comey comes into play:

Remember the bombshell testimony of the Hermitage Capital CEO where the origin of the Fusion GPS ‘Russian Dossier’ was discussed? CEO Browder stated the Russian government paid Fusion GPS to create the Steele propaganda dossier on candidate Donald Trump. That same dossier was used by the FBI in June/July 2016 to generate the FISA surveillance warrants against the Trump campaign. BOMBSHELL: Comey was using propaganda commissioned by Russia, funded in part by the FBI, to attack Trump, as the framework to launch his FBI investigation into candidate Donald Trump and Russian collusion.


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This is getting good.

What does Nunes do now after several attempts at getting documents related to the dossier?

After two previous deadlines came and went, House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes has set a new date for the FBI and Justice Department to turn over documents relating to the Trump dossier.

Nunes originally subpoenaed the FBI and Justice on Aug. 24, demanding dossier documents by Sept. 1. When none were produced, Nunes agreed to extend the deadline to September 14. During that time, arrangements were made for intelligence committee investigators to visit the Justice Department to make sure officials on both sides understood precisely which documents the committee seeks.

No documents were produced by Sept. 14, and now Nunes, apparently unsatisfied with the results of the staff meeting, has sent a new letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. In it, Nunes set a deadline of this Friday for the documents to be produced. If the documents are not produced by then, Nunes directed that Wray and Sessions appear in an open committee hearing Sept. 28, to explain why they did not hand over the materials.

The document request in the original Aug. 24 subpoena has not changed. It focuses on the FBI’s relations with Christopher Steele, the former British spy retained by the American opposition research firm Fusion GPS to dig dirt on Donald Trump in Russia as part of an effort funded by wealthy supporters of Hillary Clinton. Among other things, the original subpoena demanded all internal FBI reports “incorporating, relying on, or referring to” information provided by Steele, his sources, or Fusion GPS.

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The original subpoena also asked for “any information, if it exists, provided by Mr. Steele as an informant/source (confidential or otherwise) or in any other capacity,” as well as any documents relating to whether the FBI paid or offered any benefits to Steele. The subpoena also asked for all documents relating to FBI and Justice “efforts to corroborate, validate, or evaluate” information provided by Steele.

Finally, the original subpoena requested any court applications for surveillance that included any information provided by Steele, plus any court orders, if there were any, that were based in any part on Steele’s information.

So far, the FBI and Justice Department have not provided the information. Now, they have a new deadline.

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