It should come as no surprise to anyone that the Obamacare exchange in Massachusetts is under federal investigation. What with Michelle Obama’s college buddy (pictured above with the Obamas) being the inept exchange contractor from CGI Corp., what could go wrong? CGI has received billions from the feds (your money) over the course of the Obamacare rollout and implementation. Remember the total failure of the Obamacare website? Yep, that was CGI…I could go on but you get the picture. It’s crony capitalism and corruption on a scale so big and so incestuous that it’s sickening…

Late last week the administration of Republican Governor Charlie Baker confirmed that the FBI and U.S. Attorney for Boston have subpoenaed records related to the commonwealth’s “connector” dating to 2010. This insurance clearinghouse was Mitt Romney’s 2006 beta version for ObamaCare’s exchanges, but updating the connector to comply with the far more complex federal law became a fiasco rivaling any of the other federal and state ObamaCare failures.

The target of the investigation hasn’t been disclosed. But the best autopsy of the connector mess is being published today by Boston’s Pioneer Institute think tank, where Josh Archambault reviews internal audits and whistleblower testimony he obtained. The evidence is damaging to both Massachusetts’s exchange contractor, CGI Corp., and the administration of former Democratic Governor Deval Patrick.

Mr. Archambault reveals years of third-rate technological work, disregarded deadlines, pervasive mismanagement, little outcome measurement and general bureaucratic incompetence. 

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