Where was the FBI? It turns out that the Colorado grocery store shooter Ahmad Alissa was known to the FBI and had ranted online about “racist islamophobes” hacking his phone. The FBI failed to stop another shooting where they knew the gunman but weren’t watching him as he purchased a gun six days ago.

The New York Times reports that he was known to the FBI because he was linked to another person who has been under investigation for something else.

His family calls him ‘mentally ill,’ but they saw nothing strange about his behavior in the days leading up to the shooting. One family member said that after he bought the gun, he was playing around with it like a toy, and his family told him to put it away. Why were they not alarmed at this if they consider him ‘mentally ill’?

People that knew Ahmad in high school, like wresting teammate Dayton Marvel were also interviewed by the Denver Post and said that he was ‘violent,’ ‘scary to be around,’ and once threatened to kill his wrestling teammates.

‘He was kind of scary to be around. His senior year, during the wrestle-offs, to see who makes varsity, he actually lost his match and quit the team and yelled out in the wrestling room that he was, like, going to kill everybody. Nobody believed him. We were just all kind of freaked out by it, but nobody did anything about it.’

Flash forward, and the FBI let this guy slip through the cracks. According to The Conservative Treehouse:

The FBI knew in advance the Pulse Nightclub shooter (Omar Mateen) and were tipped off by the local sheriff.  The FBI knew in advance the San Bernardino Terrorists (Tashfeen Malik). The FBI knew in advance the Boston Marathon Bombers (the Tsarnaev brothers) tipped off by Russians.  The FBI knew in advance the Garland, Texas, shooters (Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi).  The FBI knew in advance of the Parkland High School shooter (Nikolas Cruz). The FBI knew in advance of the Fort Hood shooter (Nidal Hasan), and now the FBI knew in advance of Ahmad al-Aliwi Alissa.

Anyone notice a pattern?



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