Here’s an update on the Philly terror attack that the press simply calls a shooting. Not how the mom is discounting any chance that Islam had anything to do with this. He was hit in the head or something…Yea, right…

The bottom line is this is MUCH bigger than a shooting -Islamic terrorism is creeping into America and THAT’S a BIG DEAL!

Special Agent Eric Rouna said federal authorities are investigating a trip Archer made to Saudi Arabia in 2011 where the suspect spent “a couple” of weeks. Authorities are also seeking more information about the several months Archer spent in Egypt in 2012.

Rouna said law enforcement officials have plenty of time to investigate because the suspect is in custody and isn’t going anywhere.

Archer was caught in surveillance video ambushing Officer Jesse Hartnett in his squad car, shooting him multiple times, and claimed he acted “in the name of Islam,” police said at a news conference Friday.


Police Commissioner Richard Ross said the suspect’s gun, a 9mm Glock 17, had been stolen from police in 2013.

Captain James Clark revealed at the news conference that Archer told homicide investigators he “pledges his allegiance to Islamic State, he follows Allah, and that is the reason he was called upon to do this.” A law enforcement official told Fox News Archer was wearing “Muslim garb,” but the source didn’t elaborate.

Archer was in critical but stable condition at a hospital police said. Archer fired a total of 13 shots Thursday night, Ross said. Three bullets struck the officer in his left arm.

Valerie Holliday, Archer’s mother, insisted that her son would never do anything like this, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. Holliday said Archer had been “hearing voices his head” and said that his family had sought psychiatric help for him.

Holliday told the Inquirer Archer is the oldest of seven children and a longtime devout Muslim.

“He turns to his God a lot,” she told the paper.

Holliday didn’t exactly connect Archer’s religious beliefs to his suspected shooting of Hartnett. She claims that Archer had suffered several head injuries while playing high school football and was in a moped accident years ago.

“He’s been getting worse,” she added. “He’s been talking to himself…laughing and mumbling.”

FBI and other law enforcement investigators searched his homes Friday, according to police. They say the suspect has addresses in Philadelphia and the suburb of Yeadon. He did not reveal whether he was engaged in a larger “conspiracy,” Ross told reporters.

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