Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got a dose of reality by an FBI counterterrorism official after she incorrectly suggested Muslims are charged with terrorism because they are treated as foreign. She also said that white supremacists get “off the hook.” This is another example of Ocasio-Cortez not knowing what she’s talking about but speaking like she’s the expert. This was embarrassing because it exposed her for not having a clue!

Michael McGarrity, the assistant director of the Counterterrorism Division of the FBI, explained that the authorities couldn’t charge people with “domestic terrorism”  because the charge DOES NOT EXIST in U.S. laws.

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“You’re using the word ‘charge,’ as I said before there’s no domestic terrorism charge like 18 USC § 2339 ABCD for a foreign terrorist organization. What we do both on the international terrorism side with the homegrown violent extremists and domestic terrorism, we’ll use any tool in the toolkit to arrest them.”

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Another case of Ocasio-Cortez embarrassing herself…

She tweeted out a total lie after the embarrassing moment above. She continued pushing the false narrative that she tried to pass off during the hearing knowing she’s wrong.

“Neo-Nazis” are not getting off the hook:

In 2017, the Trump administration prosecuted the largest case in US history focusing on white supremacist prison gang members: “Last of 89 members/associates of Aryan Brotherhood of Texas and Aryan Circle sentenced to 20 years in federal prison; represents the largest case prosecuted in US focusing on white supremacist prison gang members”

President Trump also deported the last known Nazi war criminal to Germany to be prosecuted.

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