Excellent reporting from John Solomon has revealed that Hunter Biden got much more than the 50k  per month while employed by Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma. The FBI raid on Biden friend Devon Archer’s office in 2015 produced documents revealing Hunter got $166k per-month and even $220,000 one month in particular.

Solomon has been investigating the Biden involvement in Ukraine for some time and has extensive information about corruption. He has obtained over 450 pages of legal documents that could spell big trouble for Biden.

He told Sean Hannity last night that Devon Archer and Hunter Biden saw much bigger pay than the $50k reported: “The size of the money was much larger than they had been saying. They saw transfers of $166,000 a month and as high as $220,000 in one month …”

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John Solomon has been investigating the Ukraine/Biden scandal for much longer than our media. He knows the in-depth details of what the Bidens did to make millions. Solomon suggests in the interview above that the Ukrainian prosecutor that was fired was set up to look corrupt. He believes this should be investigated too.

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