A Twitter thread by “@amuse” does an excellent job of breaking down the FBI agent’s report who arrested John Sullivan, the extreme BLM/Antifa activist that CNN referred to as a “left-wing activist,” during a post-Capitol breach interview.

For the sake of convenience, we have transcribed each tweet with the image “@amuse” provided, with the exception of his first tweet, where he suggests that Sullivan “goaded” Ashli Babbit into climbing through the window before she was shot and killed by Capitol Police. We have no evidence to prove his claim, nor do we have evidence to disprove his claim; therefore, we have decided not to include his first tweet.

The FBI alleged that moments before breaching the Capitol’s security John Sullivan told a crowd of disguised counter-protesters, “we about to burn this shit down, we got to rip Trump out of office, fucking pull him out of that shit, we ain’t waiting until the next election…

…we about to go get that mother fucker; it is time for a revolution.” Shortly afterward, Sullivan could be heard goading Ashli Babbitt to jump through a window as he filmed her being shot and killed by law enforcement.

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According to the FBI Sullivan was charged with rioting and criminal mischief during a BLM riot in July in which another civilian was shot and injured. The case is still pending.

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Despite Sullivan’s claims to the contrary the video footage he provided to the FBI showed that he was clearly inciting the protesters exclaiming, “Let’s go! This shit is ours! Fuck yeah! We accomplished this shit! We did this together! Fuck yeah! Let’s burn this shit down!

According to the FBI the video also shows Sullivan helping protesters climb the wall.

Once inside the Capitol, according to the FBI, Sullivan could be heard encouraging the protesters suggesting, “We gotta get this shit burned! It’s our house motherfuckers! We are getting this shit.”

Throughout the video Sullivan confronts officers calling for them to stand down.

At another point Sullivan breaks into a congressional office and states, “We did this shit. We took this shit.” and then proceed to break a window and later apologizing for breaking it but suggesting that it was okay because no one caught it on camera.

@amuse shared these two images with his tweet:

Next, a crowd of protesters and Sullivan approach another locked door protected by law enforcement and Sullivan tells the protesters he has a knife but the protesters ignore him.

Over and over Sullivan encouraged protesters to break into new areas of the building and attack officers. Saying things like, “Why don’t we go in there? That’s what I’m saying, break that shit. It would fire if someone had revolutionary music and shit.”

Sullivan convinced the only officer standing between him and the protesters to leave his post ultimately resulting the shooting of an airforce veteran climbing through the side window.

At the end of his thread, @amuse congratulates the FBI agent who arrested Sullivan: “Good work FBI SPECIAL AGENT MATTHEW B. FOULGER!” he wrote and included a link to the FBI agent’s report. Here’s the link: https://www.justice.gov/opa/page/file/1354781/download

So now, for the million-dollar question…why did CNN interview Sullivan immediately after the Capitol siege and why did he appear with independent reporter Jade Sacker, whose work has previously appeared on CNN?

Here’s a video of Sacker and Sullivan congratulating each other for getting inside the Capitol. When Sacker asks if Sullivan is filming her, he lies and tells her he deleted it.  Although the caption reads ‘CNN’s Jade Sacker’, she is independant and has done work for a variety of news sources.








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