FBI agent Steve Friend opted to become a whistleblower exposing the corruption in the agency. Friend said that individuals at the top of the Bureau are pushing a political agenda and that it is causing a divide between FBI officers and upper management.

In a March 14 interview Friend told NTD News about his history with the FBI, which is becoming increasingly political, “I spent close to nine years in the FBI, spent a good chunk of my time just keeping my head down and working the cases in front of me.” He continued,

“There are a lot of agents that sort of share that sentiment and just want to drive the mission forward. Unfortunately, there’s a big disconnect between the rank-and-file and the management class, and as you climb that ladder, it’s tending to become more and more political.”

Friend also tweeted, “The FBI is out of control. It is weaponized against the public it exists to protect. Massive reform is required, if not complete abolition.”

Friend pointed out evidence that demonstrates the FBI is weaponized against certain demographics of the public, saying the bureau’s dissimilar treatment of pro-life activist Mark Houck, who had his home raided by the FBI over an altercation outside of a Planned Parenthood while pro-abortion activists, who harassed and attempted to pressure Supreme Court justices by protesting outside of justices’ homes and making threatening remarks were never investigated.

“I think there’s an argument to be made that the FBI has now just become a weaponized apparatchik of the presidential administration.”

Friend noted that the agency no longer holds the prestige it used to; its reputation has been tarnished as a result of the perception of political bias and loss of public trust.
Friend has personally suffered under the political leanings of the agency and was suspended after he came forward, citing concerns about how child sexual abuse cases were being handled. Friend also expressed disagreement with the FBI’s use of SWAT teams to arrest individuals who were accused of committing misdemeanors at the capitol on January 6.
When asked about his thought on J6 Friend said “radical transparency” was needed moving forward,

“I’m hoping that this slow drip of surveillance footage is just eventually abandoned, and we just get the whole amount of it. There’s no reason why it should be leaked out slowly because that just gives cannon fodder to both sides to accuse the other of cherry-picking their information.”

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