Potential FBI whistle-blowers are chomping at the bit to go after disgraced former leaders Andrew McCabe and James Comey…..

But there’s one very big problem.

The unsolved case of Democratic National Committee data analyst Seth Rich’s death shares some eerie similarities with many mysterious deaths of individuals linked to former President Bill Clinton and twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Just as in the Rich case, several of the people who died mysterious deaths were shot spontaneously and in public places, sometimes from behind, sometimes by unknown assailants and often just before they were set to release incriminating evidence concerning the Clintons’ activities. In most cases, there were no signs of theft at the crime scenes. And while some of the deaths were ruled suicides, other cases remain a mystery.

In an Oct 2016 email released by Wikileaks, Hillary Clinton’s Chairman John Podesta said he’d like to “make an example” out of the person who leaked the emails.

“I’m definitely for making an example of a suspected leaker whether or not we have any real basis for it,” Podesta wrote on Feb. 22, 2015, according to WikiLeaks.

Fox News host Sean Hannity said as many as 28 FBI agents want to be subpoenaed so they can reveal the Deep State corruption that occurred during the Obama FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s unsecured email server.

“We have an IG [Inspector General] report coming out, and I’m told as many as 28 people that have knowledge of the Clinton email server scandal want to be subpoenaed so they can tell the story of corruption at the highest levels of the bureau at that they love,” Hannity said on his show.


Investigative journalist Sara Carter agreed, saying her reporting backs up Hannity’s statements. “There are a lot of FBI agents that want to come out and speak,” Carter said. “A lot of them are current agents, which makes it very difficult for them, so they need to be subpoenaed. These are the things that Congress needs to act on.”

Carter’s bombshell revelations confirm what numerous rank-and-file current and former FBI agents recently told the Daily Caller.

Basically, there’s a massive schism within the FBI between the upper levels — which are inhabited by Trump-hating Obama holdovers — and the rank-and-file FBI agents, who are patriotic public servants.

“The inmates have been running the asylum,” one FBI agent told the Daily Caller. “We know we’ll be hung out to dry. Don’t get me wrong, there are still a few good people scattered about, but main Justice and the bureaucrats are running the show. They want to run out the clock on this administration and keep the status quo.”

Another FBI special agent said he wishes he could come forward and reveal all that he knows, but said it would be career suicide.

“This is a great opportunity for senior or [soon to be retiring] guys, not for someone like me. It’d be suicide. I hate to say it, but neither the judiciary nor the executive branch is wielding any kind of effective oversight right now, and the top managers know it.

You still have a ton of bad people in place. Unless that changes, and I haven’t seen any degree of seriousness on the part of ranking members nor staffers, I’m not meeting with anyone nor willing to be subpoenaed. I’m not coming forward until they get their act together. Right now, it’d be sacrificing a career for cheap political points.”

Less than 2 percent of FBI retaliation claims result in punishment for the offenders or a remedy for the victims, according to a 2015 letter from then-FBI Assistant Director Stephen Kelly, as reported by the Daily Caller.

“They leave you penniless, unemployed, and unemployable,” said one former Department of Defense official. “Those who work those issues in the government who are aware of the score recognize the roadkill they will become if they come forward.” So much for equal justice under the law. –Truth Feed

While the FBI agents didn’t specifically mention Hillary’s name, there’s a pretty good chance they know how serious it can be to cross Hillary Clinton…

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