Who knew? FBI director James Comey was Deputy Special Council on the Senate Whitewater Committee! He had to deal with Hillary and Bill Clinton back then so he has to know that these two are as corrupt as they come!  

For anyone who needs a refresher on Whitewater-Here’s WHITEWATER FOR DUMMIES FROM RUSH LIMBAUGH:

…when Clinton’s former law partner Vince Foster met an untimely death at 48 (reportedly by suicide), the first lady had Whitewater papers that he had in his law office taken to the White House, where they were locked away.

Comey found Hillary Clinton’s conduct unacceptable. Time reports:

In 1996, after months of work, Comey came to some damning conclusions: Hillary Clinton was personally involved in mishandling documents and had ordered others to block investigators as they pursued their case. Worse, her behavior fit into a pattern of concealment: she and her husband had tried to hide their roles in two other matters under investigation by law enforcement.


Taken together, the interference by White House officials, which included destruction of documents, amounted to “far more than just aggressive lawyering or political naiveté,” Comey and his fellow investigators concluded. It constituted “a highly improper pattern of deliberate misconduct.”
Several people involved with the Whitewater corporation (including Clinton’s successor as governor) ultimately went to jail, but the Clintons never faced criminal prosecution.

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