The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an advisory that children receiving Moderna’s experimental mRNA COVID-19 shot may be getting double the authorized dosage.

“The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is advising healthcare providers who administer the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine (2023-2024 Formula) to individuals 6 months through 11 years of age to ensure that the correct volume of the vaccine (0.25 mL) is withdrawn from the vial, so that the correct dose is administered to the vaccine recipient,” the FDA wrote.

“FDA has become aware that some healthcare providers may not recognize that the single dose vial of Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine (2023-2024 Formula) for use in individuals 6 months through 11 years of age contains notably more than 0.25 mL of the vaccine. Some healthcare providers may be withdrawing the entire contents of the vial to administer to an individual. However, the volume of a single dose of Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine (2023-2024 Formula) is only 0.25 mL,” the agency added.

“Adults receive a dose of 0.50 mL,” The Defender writes.

Children should not be receiving the experimental mRNA injection.



Any mRNA dosage given to children contains only potential health risks.

“The only appropriate dose of this mRNA shot for children is no dose. Children shouldn’t be injected with it at all. We have an avalanche of highly concerning data regarding the risks of this product,” Dr. Renata Moon, a pediatrician, told The Defender.

“Experienced, frontline physicians are being censored, silenced and threatened for speaking out. Our nation’s children deserve better,” Moon added.

The Defender reports:

The FDA did not elaborate on how it came by the information on dosing errors. However, according to the advisory, the agency had “not identified any safety risks associated with administration of the higher dose in individuals 6 months through 11 years of age” and “no serious adverse events were identified related to a dosing error for the vaccine.”

Dr. Elizabeth Mumper, a pediatrician and president and CEO of The Rimland Center for Integrative Medicine, told The Defender she had concerns about the mistaken doses.

Mumper said a child who receives more than the recommended amount “will have more exposure to synthetic modified RNA, lipid nanoparticles and potentially DNA plasmid contamination.”

Even with the appropriate dose, Mumper said, there is no guarantee that the baby or child will make the “just right” amount of spike protein to induce just the right amount of immune response.

“I worry about over-producing the spike protein and getting side effects,” Mumper said.

WRAL News shared a story of a five-year-old accidentally receiving a double dose of the Moderna COVID-19 shot.

Per WRAL News:

A Morrisville mother told WRAL News her 5-year-old received an accidental double-dose of Moderna’s new COVID-19 vaccine.

This comes as the Food and Drug Administration alerted parents and health providers that children under the age of 11 may receive the incorrect dose of Moderna’s updated COVID-19 vaccine — but said the dosage is not believed to be dangerous.

The FDA said health providers may be confused over the dosage of the vaccine, which is available to children as young as 6 months of age.

According to the FDA, a single vial of Moderna’s current vaccine for children 6 months to 11 years old contains “notably more” than the 0.25 mL dosage children should receive.

Pediatricians and health providers should withdraw 0.25 mL from the vial and discard the rest, the FDA said.

The FDA said it has has not identified any safety risks associated with administration of the higher dose in children. No adverse or serious reactions have been connected to dosing errors.

In a statement sent to WRAL News, the FDA said it “actively working with Moderna to communicate with healthcare providers to ensure the correct dosage of vaccine is administered in individuals 6 months through 11 years of age.”

Read the FDA advisory HERE.

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