Joe and Jill Biden looked like bandits yesterday during their first outing in two months to a Memorial Day wreath-laying ceremony in Deleware. This was an obvious PR move by the Bidens that was more about them than remembering our fallen. They attracted attention to themselves by making a political statement wearing big black masks. Anyone who has been paying attention to the coronavirus crisis knows that a mask may be worn indoors, but most Americans don’t wear one outdoors.

While cases of coronavirus decline, the fog of what happened since the pandemic hit is clearing, making it look more like we destroyed our economy for something resembling Legionnaires disease. While Trump had only his “medical experts” to depend on for advice, it’s looking more and more like politics is playing a role in this crisis. Propaganda and misinformation has fueled fear in some Americans and turned them against freedom-loving Americans.

The freedom vs. fear scenario was most evident yesterday when Joe Biden wore his mask outdoors, but Trump didn’t wear one.

Two videos below show the Bidens wearing masks outdoors during a Memorial Day ceremony. It was a total PR move.

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Ridiculous political posturing that made this moment about them:


President Trump on Memorial Day:

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