Wow! Now that a former Democratic chair of the Federal Election Commission is gone from the agency, she’s letting it rip and telling the truth about bias against Republicans. Even though Ann Ravel  repeatedly rejected charges she was targeting Republicans and conservative websites like the Drudge Report, she just admitted that the agency has an anti-Republican bias.

WE reports:

Ravel is now a lecturer at the UC Berkeley Law School. She recently told an alumni magazine that the FEC has taken cases biased against the Republicans.

Q: Where do the cases that come before the FEC come from? Is there any possibility that they could be in some way biased against Republicans?

Ravel: Absolutely. The cases have come primarily from watchdog groups, and most of those groups are on the liberal side.

In fact, during one period when Ravel was on the FEC, the complaints against Republicans were about three for every one against Democrats.


As a commissioner, Ravel took many stabs at conservative websites and the FEC even looked at a case involving notable newsmakers like Sean Hannity. The Republicans on the evenly-split agency stopped those efforts.

It became such an issue that former Chairman Lee Goodman warned in an interview with Secrets that the Democrats were trying to silence conservative media outlets:

Goodman ripped efforts by Democrats to regulate political speech on the media, comparing it to McCarthyism. He also hit Ravel. “There has been an active effort within the commission, principally by one commissioner, Commissioner Ann Ravel, to begin regulating speech and YouTube posts on the Internet,” said Goodman. “And I’ve just drawn a line and I’ve fought very hard to protect that freedom.”


Ravel ended her stint at the FEC last May in abrupt and dramatic fashion, declaring in a public resignation letter that the Federal Election Commission is on a gridlocked road to nowhere.

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