“Join us as we walk out of our classes at 12:30 PM to show solidarity for our brothers and sisters of European descent”

The Black Lives Matter movement at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) is officially being challenged by a new rival campus group, the UCSB White Student Union (WSU).

In response to a series of “black-out” demonstrations last week at UCSB and college campuses nationwide calling for “solidarity with Mizzou” black students, the UCSB WSU decided to form its own antithetical “White Student Walk Out” calling for “solidarity” with white students.

“Join us as we walk out of our classes at 12:30 PM to show solidarity for our brothers and sisters of European descent,” the Walk Out event description reads. “We will march out (preferably chanting something inspiring on the way out) and meet outside of the UCSB MultiCultural Center where we will respectfully voice our complaints. We ask that only self-identified white students and @llies join us.”

A growth of students have been supporting the satirical WSU movement, as evident by the exponential growth of WSU clubs on college campuses over the past couple of days. Students are demonstrating, using parody in the form of a white student club, how divisive the black separatist movement really is.

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Other WSU student groups such as the University of North Texas White Student Union and the University of North Texas White Squirrel Student Union, are adding their own political satire on social media to challenge the inflammatory response received by the WSU’s while black separatist groups are celebrated.

As these groups have illustrated, according to leftist “logic,” any form of gathering or club is “offensive” as long as it has anything to with white students and thus WSU groups have no right to exist and deserve condemnation in the form of university mass-mails or death threats.

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A student organizer of the UCSB WSU Walk Out event, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of risking his or her life, told The Daily Wire that he or she hopes the “walk out will give all of those who self-identify as white (and allies) to respectfully voice their complaints to UCSB administrators.”

“Over the past couple days, it has become evident that white identities are actively marginalized and even openly attacked on campus,” the student said. “Because of this, it is crucial for us to create a safe space on campus where peoples of European descent can celebrate their European heritage.”

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