On Sunday, a federal judge blocked environmental regulations proposed by the Biden regime which would redefine how water sources are protected. The judge labeled the plan to reduce pollution as “federal overreach.”

Judge Jeffrey Brown put a hold on the Environmental Protection Agency’s new “waters of the United States” (WOTUS) rule in Texas and Idaho, both of which filed a lawsuit against the new regulations in mid-January. Brown ruled that the Biden regime’s plan “poses irreparable harm” to residents of both states.

Brown explained his ruling to block the climate plan, saying, “The States have already shown irreparable harm because they will expend recoverable resources – money and otherwise – complying with a rule unlikely to withstand judicial scrutiny.”

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton spoke about Judge Brown’s ruling on Monday, praising the stalling of the proposal.

“While I continue to battle the rule in court, this preliminary injunction is a major blow to the Biden Administration’s radical environmental agenda,” said Paxton. “The unlawful rule would have saddled Texans across the state with crushing new regulations, slowing our state’s economic development and limiting our job growth.”

“Securing an injunction stops the rule from going into effect,” explained Paxton. “This an important victory protecting the people of Texans from destructive federal overreach .”

Idaho Attorney General Raul Labrador also praised the outcome of the lawsuit, saying, ” I am proud of the work our office is doing. We took criticism from the Governor’s administration and some pundits for our decision to join this suit, but based on Judge Brown’s jurisdiction, it is clear I made the right move for Idaho.”

“My team and I formulated the best strategy to get the right result and the quickest relief,” added Labrador. “Together we have won an initial victory to stop the Biden administration from subjecting Idaho to federal overreach.”

This rule could lead to the federal regulation of wetlands, lakes, points, streams, etc.

The same federal protections were put forth by the Obama administration but then the Trump administration came in and loosened federal protections on water sources like puddles and ditches which were not considered navigable

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