A Florida father is suing the Palm Beach County School District. Francisco “Frank” Deliu filed his lawsuit on Oct. 12 after he said a computer science teacher hung LGBT flags in his 7th grader’s classroom and used a search engine to find websites about homosexual lifestyles “proselytized to the students.”


Deliu said his complaints to the school were met with inaction and that the teacher’s actions violated Florida law. Deliu, like most Americans, believes that parents should teach moral education,

“Parents are responsible for cultural, moral, political, and social education. Schools are responsible for that which the parents are unable to teach due to a lack of skills or abilities, i.e., physics or calculus. We need to ensure those lines are not crossed, and I hope my case helps set this clear precedent.”

Deliu is a libertarian and an Orthodox Christian who fled Romania in 1980 to escape “religious and political persecution by the communist Ceausescu regime,” and he views homosexuality as a sin. He filed a complaint with the principal at Emerald Cove Middle School, which was dismissed on Sept 16 without any justification or written response. His lawsuit states that the school did agree to move his son to a computer class with a different instructor but moved him to an art class instead.

“The School did not keep its promise and, instead, unilaterally and without notice to Dr. Deliu, moved his son into an art class.”

Apparently, the family has received no assistance from the school board either.

Like many US parents, Deliu is frustrated that Asian countries’ schools outperform the US because they remain focused on math and science, and their scores reflect their academic educational goals.

“Meanwhile, our schools are spending time, money, and resources on gay pride and homosexuality. This will not end well,” he said.

Deliu said posting the gay pride flags in classrooms violates Florida’s Parents’ Bill of Rights law which gives parents, 

 “the right to direct the education and care of his or her minor child” and “the right to direct the upbringing and the moral or religious training of his or her minor child.” 

The Parent’s Bill of Rights was signed into law by Governor DeSantis.

Governor DeSantis Signing the Parental Rights in Education Bill

Deliu is looking to amend his original lawsuit after a second teacher posted a gay flag. When he went to the school to have his son moved to a different class, he was met by the police. He is asking the court to deem the teacher’s homosexual discussion with students illegal, for the school to remove the flags and for the district to issue a public apology.

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