This is NOT good at all since a guy was caught trying to enter a nuclear facility using one of the fake badges sold by a Romanian national. The airports are one thing but the restricted facilities like nuclear and electrical plants are big targets for would-be terrorists. We’ve reported on lurking around dams before this is a new case of actually producing a badge to try and enter a facility. 

Federal authorities are trying to track down a man who allegedly manufactured and sold fake U.S. law enforcement badges from the CIA, FBI and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI).

Those badges were used to attempt to enter restricted U.S. facilities and impersonate federal agents, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

ICE said Thursday that it’s seeking the public’s help to find Romanian national Roberto Craciunica, 34, who is believed to be living in Germany. He is accused of operating a company that manufactured and sold the badges.

In one case, a man allegedly impersonated an HSI agent, using one of the company’s fake badges to enter the Naval Nuclear Training Command in South Carolina while armed with a Sig Sauer pistol last August. The suspect was indicted, officials said.

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