On Friday, Antifa thugs took part in the far left Climate Strike march on the streets in Portland, Oregon.

As usual, Portland Police officers were unable to get the violent, anti-free speech, basement dwellers under control. The video and photo below show what happens when violent masked cowards are allowed to run the streets of a major American city.


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Leftist activist Jordan Jackson tweeted a video of federal agents shutting down Anitfa cowards. In his tweet, Jackson used the video to falsely accuse the federal agents of “attacking” ANTIFA thugs “at random.”

The pro-Antifa leftist tweeted:

Police Riot in Portland. The 🐖 s stormed Elizabeth Caruthers Park, almost ran over an antifascist activist, and started attacking people at random.

Independent journalist Andy Ngo, who was hospitalized this summer after being brutally attacked by Antifa, corrected Jackson, saying:

This isn’t true. The masked antifa militants who ran away with you had been throwing rocks at police. This happened right outside the hospital, where families were walking outside.

Ngo posted another angle of the Antifa thugs, as they attempted to storm the Portland ICE facility. The cowardly, anti-free speech activists, who are used to being met with little to no resistance from the Portland Police, were stunned when, after throwing rocks and projectiles at federal agents, were met by serious force and arrested. Ngo reminds everyone in his tweet that this is what happens when feds take over in the far-left city of Portland, OR.

After the “climate strike” protest in Portland yesterday, around 50 masked antifa militants descended near the local ICE facility. They threw projectiles and rocks at officers. This is what happened when (federal, not local) police initiated an arrest.

This Antifa thug was apparently unmasked and arrested by the feds.

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