Why are we STILL bringing in thousands of Somalis every year? Since Obama was elected, we’ve brought in over 45,000! We need to start asking the questions that will lead to an end of this refugee scam. Many of the Somali teens who came to America have literally disappeared or have gone back to the Middle East and joined a terror group. so now our brilliant federal government is paying a scam group to provide special needs for this coddled group so they don’t join ISIS. THIS happens to be to the tune of $300 MILLION of YOUR tax dollars. 

They still think that all they need is a little basketball program to combat the enormous power of Islamic jihad indoctrination that you know is going on in mosques in refugee-saturated Minnesota (and other states where Somali enclaves are growing).

So after you have already shelled out billions of dollars to raise Somali youths (medical, housing, education etc), now you further shell out tax dollars for programs to combat alienation. Give me a break!

Could they have been saved from the siren-song of ISIS recruiters if they had a little more youth athletics available to them?
Start asking why are we still bringing in thousands upon thousands of Somalis every year and have done so for over 30 years (45,718 since Obama was elected!) and then to still be told they are alienated!

And, by the way, this should be a warning to everyone: once we open the Syrian spigot wide, Syrians will be admitted to the US as refugees for the next 30 years (or more!).

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From ABC News:

Six organizations that work with young Somalis in Minnesota have been awarded $300,000 in grants as part of a federal pilot project designed to combat terrorism recruitment, the nonprofit group that is administering the funds announced Thursday.

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The grant recipients include a youth athletics group, a program that empowers Somali parents, an organization that plans to enhance youth employment opportunities and a group that addresses mental health issues for refugees. An additional $100,000 has been set aside to help with professional development and other efforts designed to build up the programs so they can sustain themselves in the future.

Marcus Pope, director of partnerships and external relations for Youthprise, the nonprofit administering the money, said investing in youth development is crucial. He said Minnesota is home to many young Somalis who are creative and bright, but a lot of them face “formidable challenges, including a sense of alienation, a search for identity as new immigrants, unemployment and poverty that can open them to recruitment by extremist groups.”


Propaganda: The FBI is concerned that Al Shabab is using violent videos to recruit Somali-Americans from Minnesota:



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