So the court didn’t feel this wannabe terrorist was a danger to the community so they let him go? We have an “avowed jihadist” walking our streets now! Yes, after Derrick Thompson posted bail, he was released with nothing but an electronic tether to track him.

He had previous felonies on his record before his arrest. The guy sounds like a real dangerous character who’s been a fan of ISIS since 2014. The authorities found pro-terror info dating back to 2014 on his computer and a search for midnight mass….

Feel safe yet?

PHOENIX — A 30-year-old Phoenix man accused of plotting to carry out a “lone wolf” attack inspired by the Islamic State has been released from jail after posting bail.

Court documents showed Derrick Thompson was released March 14 on a $75,000 bond.

Terms of his release include a requirement to wear an electronic monitoring device.

Thompson, aka Abu Talib al-Amriki, pleaded not guilty to charges of assisting a criminal syndicate, attempting to commit misconduct involving weapons and inciting or inducing a criminal syndicate in January.

Court documents said Thompson tried to buy a semi-automatic weapon online in January 2015, but the seller sold the gun to someone else because Thompson was not in Phoenix at the time.

A probable cause statement filed in state court said it was clear Thompson attempted to buy a weapon “with the intent to use that weapon to promote or further the objectives of a criminal syndicate.”

Police also found that Thompson, who is not legally permitted to purchase a gun due to a felony conviction, had online postings dating back to July 2014 in support of ISIS and had “hundreds” of Google searches for weapons.

He also had searched for “midnight mass” and the difference between martyrdom and suicide.

Thompson was labeled as an “avowed jihadist” by court documents and had numerous interactions with ISIS websites.

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