He was convicted of first-degree murder at the age of 18 when the former drug dealer killed a teenager. Now, nearly 3 decades later, that teenager is still dead, but his killer, 44 yr. old Joel Castón is now making history as the city’s first person to be elected to a public office while incarcerated. His dead victim will never make history.

Thanks to the liberals in Washington DC who passed a law allowing prisoners to vote in elections, Carson won his election in a landslide, picking up  47 of the 48 votes he received from fellow prisoners.

So, in other words, people who are serving time inside prison for committing crimes against innocent victims, now have the ability to elect fellow prisoners to make decisions on behalf of the communities where their victims may be living.

Got it…

It’s nothing new for crooks to serve in office, but this one committed his crime before his election.

In prison, he’s studied multiple languages including Arabic, and says he’s completely reformed—and ready to represent the values of his fellow inmates.

“I represent every incarcerated person on the planet,” Caston told the French news service AFP. “If we are given a chance, we can participate in the political process. We could be an asset, not a liability to our community.”

He wants to represent the convicts…and they’re already whispering their ideas in his ear.

Multiple mainstream news outlets are gushing over Caston’s landslide win, thanks to his fellow prisoner’s votes.

Yahoo News reports – “It sounds great to have an official title, I must admit that. However, what it feels like is that now I have to deliver,” Caston told ABC News in an exclusive cell block interview inside D.C. jail. “My constituents spoke by way of voting, and how I have to do great as I promised in my campaign.”

Kim Kardashian also visited Carson in jail.


Does anyone care that we are allowing imprisoned felons to elect felons to represent their victims who are living in a free society, or is this just the “new normal” we’re supposed to accept?

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