This afternoon, another Trump supporter bravely attempted to cover the radical Marxist BLM message painted in front of Trump Tower on the street in New York City.

Dressed in a Statue of Liberty costume and wearing a “Keep America Great” mask over her mouth, a female activist armed only with a five-gallon can of red paint, took to the street and began splattering red paint all over the mural, as she dropped to her knees and began smearing the paint all over the mural. Cheers of “God bless President Trump”

The conservative activist took a break from covering the mural to stand up with her fist in the air and loudly declare, “Freedom!” and “Take off the mask!” Trump supporters wearing MAGA hats stood around taking photographs as a man dressed in a patriotic shirt that read “Gays for Trump” held a “Keep America Great” banner.

The crowd chanted, “USA! USA,” as the activist shouted, “Trump 2020—-save America!— The best country in the world!—Wake up!—Take off your masks!” she shouted as the police approached, ready with handcuffs to arrest her.

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It all started on July 21, when Bevelyn Beatty, a black, conservative street preacher and outspoken conservative business owner, took her fight against the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement to the streets of New York, specifically the BLM mural painted on the street in front of Trump Tower in New York City.

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In the video below, Beatty and her best friend can be seen pulling up to the street in front of Trump Tower with a vehicle filled with paint and paint rollers. When prompted by the NYPD officers, Beatty refuses to move her car and instead, grabs a can of black paint and begins dumping the paint on the yellow “Black Lives Matter” message painted by BLM activists, including Socialist Mayor Bill de Blasio and race-baiter-for-hire Al Sharpton.

In spite of the half-hearted efforts of the NYPD officers to remove her from the scene, Beatty remains steadfast in commitment to covering the “Black Lives Matter” message on the street. As police officers grab at her arms, Beatty scuttles away shouting, “Refund the police!” and “Jesus Matters.”

Beatty was eventually arrested by the NYPD officers, but her battle to expose BLM is far from over. Today, on Instagram, Beatty announced that she is now taking her fight directly to those who hold the pursestrings for BLM and is asking anyone who’s been directly affected by BLM to contact her and join a class action suit against BLM.

Here’s what Beatty had to say:

I’ve been praying for ways to fight back.

Painting that mural was a symbolic way to express our freedom of speech.

But regardless of that, BLM still has to come down

If any of you in any state…I’m talking to the small business owners, I’m talking to the people whose family members have died in the middle of being in Black Lives Matter riots. (Later in the video, Bevelyn adds “if you have been beat up” to her list of reasons you might want to sue BLM)

If any have any way, shape, or form, been directly affected by Black Lives Matter, contact me. 

[email protected]

And we are going to file a class actions suit against Black Lives Matter.

We don’t care whatever Antifa people are watching this and feel like they wanna come against it—it does not make a difference—you cannot stop God.

But for anybody, anybody, contact us, and we will get you a lawyer—and we will get everything set up, for FREE and you can sue them if they have affected you directly.


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