MMA fighter Tara LaRosa said she used her jiujitsu skills to take down a woman who allegedly started a fight during a Portland, Oregon, flag wave honoring veterans Sunday.

The videos below show the attacker, who’s allegedly a female Portland State University professor, initiating a confrontation with the MAGA hat-wearing Americans who were waving flags on a bypass over the expressway.

LaRosa livestreamed her group honoring veterans by waving flags on an overpass above Interstate 84 in Portland, OR when the physical altercation between the alleged professor and a female who was with the patriotic group.

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The video below shows LaRosa keeping the female attacker pinned to the ground until law enforcement officers arrive. The female attacker refers to herself as “professor,” as she flails underneath LaRosa. The “professor” appears to be trying to bite LaRosa several times, as she complains she can’t breathe. ***Warning***Language may be considered offensive to viewers.

Leftists on social media tried to defend the professor, but LaRosa shot back, setting the record straight with this tweet:

The professor started the fight. She tried to engage me in a verbal confrontation, I turned my back ignoring her.

She then walked farther down the overpass attempting to engage others the same way. I did not see the fight start. I broke the fight up, keeping her from being hurt

Portland, Oregon journalist Andy Ngo shared photos of the injuries LaRosa received at the hands of the unhinged, anti-Trump professor. Her injuries included a bite mark on her breast and bloody knees.

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