NBC reporter Jacob Soboroff spent some time on Staten Island in NYC, with Republican Congressman Dan Donovan. New York City’s 11th District voted overwhelmingly for President Trump. What Soboroff discovered is that women love President Trump and that the Kavanaugh confirmation circus left female voters feeling “outraged” about “the way he was treated.”

Soboroff began the segment by touting Democratic hopes to flip the island’s red congressional district blue: “Overwhelmingly Democratic New York City is actually home to a Republican congressman in a district that voted overwhelmingly for President Trump. Democrats think they can change that this year.”

During their visit to Safeway grocery store, the ABC News reporter and Congressman Donovan stopped to speak with an elderly woman. During their discussion, Soboroff asked the elderly woman about a t-shirt she was wearing that read: “Stand for the flag, kneel for the cross.” The elderly woman pointed at the NBC reporter and responded: “Absolutely. And if you don’t like it, go to Venezuela” 

Walking over to the deli counter, one of the store employees told Soboroff that one of her top issues in the upcoming midterm elections was “Supporting my president.” A customer standing there agreed: “Same thing. I love Donald Trump. He’s great.” Both Trump backers were women and the deli worker noted that support for the president had intensified, “Especially after the Kavanaugh thing. So many women that work here were outraged by that.”

Soboroff was surprised: “Really?” She explained: “Yes. The way he was treated, just the treatment.”

The reporter asked: “What do you want from your Congressman?” The store employee replied: “Oh, my God, I would love to see a wall built, I would love to see his agenda move forward. Life is good for me, I’m a simple girl.”

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We have to give credit to the Today Show for having the courage to air a segment about women in NYC who love Trump. It was likely not a popular decision behind the scenes to air this segment. –Newsbusters

So, kudos to NBC for reporting the truth…(this time).


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