It’s hard to tell if the men assaulting this female reporter are “refugees” or Germans. One thing is clear however, there is now an attitude permeating Germany that it’s okay to openly commit sexual assault on women. Hmmm….isn’t there a culture in the Middle East that has the same mindset?

This is a perfect example of the Left putting an ideology before the most vulnerable in their society. To hell with protecting their women and children, welcoming Muslim males, who have no intention of assimilating with Europeans, appears to be the primary concern of progressives in the failed EU expiriment. 

The sex attack on the Belgian TV journalist Esmeralda Labye (42): she was attacked by two men while the camera was running on a live broadcast for the channel RTBF. The incident occurred around 1.30 am in the Old Market. The perpetrators are still at large.

On the evening Labye spoke in a television broadcast about the events in Cologne: “At first it was only fooling around behind me. Then a hand landed on my breast. I was shocked.”

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Live from the carnival in Cologne, the presenter on the national broadcaster, Esmeralda Labye, was explaining that “things are going relatively well”, while passers-by were making obscene gestures and whispering in her ear.

Reminder: The final carnival festivities in Cologne, one of the most popular events in Germany, began last Thursday, surrounded by a heavy security after violence that took place at New Year . A total of 2,500 police officers were deployed, three times more than last year .

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The New Year’s night was marred by violence , including sexual abuse , attributed to North African asylum seekers or immigrants.



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