Anyone who watched the Kavanaugh confirmation circus, couldn’t help but be affected by it. What should have been a substantive hearing, turned into an unimaginable nightmare for Brett Kavanaugh, for his wife, his two young children, his parents, and his close friends, of which he has many.

The lies, the threatening behavior of Democrat protesters, the grandstanding of Democrat Senators to create soundbites for their upcoming presidential bids, and the public flogging of an innocent man by Democrat lawmakers, was more than most Americans could take.

A 36-year-old allegation of sexual assault was levied against Justice Brett Kavanaugh by Christine Blasey Ford, a woman who couldn’t remember anything about the night the alleged incident took place, who was discredited by every witness she named, and who was handed a $1 million+ sum of cash from a Go-fund-me account immediately after her testimony.

No one has heard from Ford since her testimony. She has elected not to pursue charges against Brett Kavanaugh.

Creepy porn lawyer, and Democrat hopeful for president, Michael Avenetti, along with his “credible witness”, Julie Swetnick, accused Brett Kavanaugh of taking part in gang rape activity at multiple parties when he was in high school. Senator Chuck Grassley has referred both Michael Avenetti and Julie Swetnick over to the DOJ for criminal investigation, based on their repulsive, inconsistent and baseless allegations against Justice Kavanaugh.

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The video below, of Justice Kavanaugh, where he got choked up talking about his 10-year-old daughter Liza, who asked her mother if they could pray for “the woman” (Christine Ford), literally broke America’s heart. It also revealed the abject evil of a Party who was willing to go to any length to destroy a man simply because they believed he would follow the Constitution as it was written.

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The Democrat Party’s ugly Kavanaugh confirmation spectacle likely turned millions of Democrat and Independent voters against the Democrat Party forever. They seriously underestimated how the public destruction of a good man’s life, and that of his young family would play out on national TV.

If Mickey White’s tweet and the comments that follow are indicative of how American voters are feeling right now, there’s a very good chance the Democrats are going to get clobbered in the midterms. (You’ll want to read EVERY comment under her tweet)

Mickey White tweeted: Two months ago I didn’t give a sh*t about the mid-terms. Watching how the Democrats behaved during Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings changed that. Now I would crawl through broken glass to vote against the Democrats. I will be curious to see how the rest of Y’all feel.

The replies that Mickey got to her tweet (most of whom are women) are very telling:

This new American citizen and first-time voter’s reply to Mickey White reveals how people who had to wait in line for citizenship are voting this midterm.

Same. Using my very first vote as an American citizen to vote straight ticket.

The response from the Independent voter should frighten every Democrat:

Kavanaugh’s hearing was the start, the mob actions of the Dems piled on, and the caravans were the clincher. For two years now I’ve watched the vile, vitriolic, hypocritical actions of the Left and finally had enough. I voted early – straight GOP (I’m an Independent).

This voter admits that for the first time in their life, they aren’t even bothering to study the ballot or candidates, they are simply voting straight ticket Republican:

Same here. This was the first time in my life that I didn’t even bother to study the ballot or learn any of the candidates’ names. All I cared about was voting against every democrat I could.

Even Never-Trumpers have had enough and are going to polls to support the GOP in the midterms:

Same. Left the GOP after Trump won Indiana. Wasn’t going to vote Dem, but wasn’t enthused. After Kavanaugh, I found my polling place and downloaded a sample ballot.

“JON’s” comment is something we are seeing more and more of on social media, as Independents and Democrats continue to come out of the closet and admit they’re voting for the GOP because of Donald Trump, who has lit the fires of patriotism and liberty deep in their souls.

I was a political atheist all of my life, never believing there was any good politician, but president Trump changed that and lit the fires of patriotism and liberty deep in my soul.

This woman says she was going to ignore the midterm elections, but after the Kavanaugh hearings, this Texas resident has already voted, and she’s voted “all red”.

A first-time voter, and female Texan claims she was also going to skip midterms, but Kavanaugh hearings changed her mind. She voted “straight ticket red”.

First time I have voted in midterms for the same reason. Straight red in TX.

Michael Babb says his mother and her “Dem friends” are voting straight Republican because of the Kavanaugh hearings.

My mother said Dem friends of her are voting straight Republican because of it, but they live on Kansas. I don’t know how indicative that is for the rest of the country.

OUCH! Two more women who usually don’t vote in the midterms, and one that voted for Hillary in the last election, have voted straight ticket Republican, and live in two battleground states!

Agree! I usually skip midterm elections. I sometimes vote D. I reluctantly voted for Trump. On the first day of early voting, I ENTHUSIASTICALLY voted straight R. And so did my Hillary-voting daughter! And we live in 2 of the battleground states.

Another female voter, “Carolina Girl” claims she was going to vote for the Democrat in her state, but couldn’t do it after the Kavanaugh hearings.

I agree. I was actually going to vote for the Democrat but I can’t do it.

Susan Hall admitted that she voted twice for the Democrat Senate candidate Phil Bredeson when he was running for mayor and twice when he was running for governor, but she is no longer willing to support him or his Party. Bredeson is running against the popular Congresswoman, Marcia Blackburn (R) for US Senate in Tennessee.

I voted for Bredesen twice for mayor and twice for governor—but NOT this time! Straight R in Tennessee!

First-time husband and wife voters are both voting straight ticket GOP.

“teaandscones” reveals that she was a lifelong Democrat, but after the Kavanaugh nonsense, will never vote for another Democrat again, as long as she lives.


This LIFETIME DEMOCRAT voter claims he always knew the Democrats were fascists but had given up on Republicans and their willingness to fight back, until President Trump came along, calling him a “hero on the horizon”.

I was aware of the Fascist Left before 2016, but who was gonna do anything? Then Trump ran. A hero on the horizon. And then he won. I am all red now after a lifetime as a democrat.

Cathy claims that although she always votes, the “Kavanaugh debacle” has “upped” her enthusiasm and she is now talking to everyone she knows. She even convinced two people she knows to register and vote red. Cathy tells others on the Twitter thread that “It’s not enough to just vote” she tells them they need to “convince others to vote as well!!”

I always vote but the Kavanaugh debacle upped my enthusiasm. Now I’m talking to everyone I know. I even convinced two people to register and vote red. It’s not enough to just vote. We need to convince others to vote as well!!

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