Yesterday, a group of ladies? celebrated the opening of the “very first” Vagina Museum on Twitter.

It was a “special invite-only party” for those who qualified to celebrate the opening of the museum named after female genitalia.

Great news! Democrats now have a great place to take their kids after spending the afternoon at the local library watching Drag Queen Storytime.

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The museum was opened by the “marvulvalous Professor” Emma Rees, who is also a professor of what else?…gender studies at IGS Chester in the UK.

The founder of the Vagina Museum, Florence Schechter, explains her inspiration for the Vagina Museum located in the busy Camden Market in London, England. ***Vile language and a disgusting freak can be found in the video below.

Women slammed the far-left feminists on Twitter.

Brenda Kinman responded to the announcement of the Vagina Museum by saying, “This is the kind of crap that makes real women look bad.”

“Bonnie’s” response was hilarious. “Personally, I’m reserving my excitement for the opening of the Eustachian Tube Museum.”

In response to the Vagina Museum, “Cat Mom” posted a GIF that simply read, “No Class.”

A few men jumped in to share their thoughts on the Vagina Museum. “BaseballTag” tweeted, “Exactly the people I would picture in my mind are in charge of this museum and there isn’t a guy in America that would want to be near your vaginas.”


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