There are times the lunacy pouring out of the radical left is so intense it almost defies description. Today is one of those times.

On Tuesday a 38-year-old woman — who described herself as a vegan, bodybuilding, animal rights activist — walked into the headquarters of YouTube and opened fire, injuring several people and eventually turning the gun on herself.

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The news coverage of the incident seems to have riled up the angry feminist crowd, so much so that they are actually attacking CNN for their reporting of the event calling it “sexist.”

The Daily Wire is reporting:

As a dramatic situation unfolded in California, feminists on social media were less concerned that a woman had just murdered several people in cold blood in YouTube’s headquarters, and more concerned that “sexist” CNN was reporting that the shooter was involved in a domestic dispute.

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CNN came by the information rightly: initial reports indicated that the shooter, a 39-year-old woman from Southern California was, indeed, involved in a domestic dispute and that one of the victims was her boyfriend. As facts are often hard to pin down in the midst of a major news story, it’s no surprise CNN got that bit wrong, and the network eventually walked back their claim, but not before catching heat for assuming a woman would only shoot people if motivated by hormones.

Ultimately, CNN “discovered” that the woman was merely crazy, like most mass shooters, and had targeted YouTube because the company had recently removed ads from her bizarre self-made videos about animal rights, vegan recipes, and Iranian evening wear.

Now, it’s true that CNN definitely jumped the gun assuming the motivation for the shooting was somehow related to complicated romantic entanglements, but there is good evidence to suggest the vast majority of shootings carried out by women are usually inspired by such matters.

The real question to ask is whether or not these same feminists would be so up in arms if the theory CNN concocted called for the shooter to be a Trump supporter.

Pretty safe to say the answer would likely be no, exposing their bias and hypocrisy.

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