Here’s Tyrone (on the left) with his buddies. Are they holding up money they earned from George Soros to participate in the ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ riots? Perhaps it’s money they earned babysitting or mowing lawns in the neighborhood…
Tyrone Harris has been charged with 4 counts of assault on police officers after opening fire last night during a Ferguson protest to mark the first anniversary of Mike Brown’s death. The officers returned fire and wounded Harris who’s currently in critical condition in the hospital. The four officers who returned fire are now on administrative leave. It’s important to note that the gun Harris used was stolen so the gun grabbers lose their case for gun control. Just look through the photos on Tyrone’s Facebook page and you’ll want to fight even harder to keep your right to bear arms.


Harris has a Facebook page full of drug and thug behavior. Patty and I see these types of Facebook pages so many times. The sad part is that these kids really have no chance unless they have someone who’ll take them under their wing. Tyrone’s father is already saying his son didn’t do it…typical.


The drug and thug culture is glamorized by social media and the people these kids look up to who’re lacking in any morality.


Here’s the link to Tyrone’s Facebook page that goes by Ty Glocks (typical of these Facebook profiles to have a fake name) : Tyrone Harris


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